Full Vehicle Colour Change

You have chosen to wrap your vehicle because you may be bored of your vehicles current colour, purchased a vehicle that wasn’t the colour you had hoped for, or you just simply want a fresh new look!

A complete colour change on a vehicle entails an overwhelming amount of work and meticulousness.  We safely disassemble pieces of the car (door handles, mirrors, bumpers, grills, headlights, taillights, badges, etc.) in order to accomplish a complete colour change along with clean secured edges that won't fail on you.

Partial Vinyl Wrapping

If a full vehicle color change isn't what you are after we also specialize is smaller sections that will still give a new look to your vehicle. 

Roof | Bonnet | Side Mirrors | Spoiler | Boot

**Please know that vinyl wrapping is available for more than motor vehicles.

Motorcycles | Boats | Jetskis | Bathtubs | Kitchen Appliances and more!    

Blackout Packages

Blackout packages vary significantly between each vehcicle, but is usually the first and one of the most important aesthetic modifications you can do to your car.  The unsightly chrome car companies use as accent pieces on window trims, grills, badges, and so much more...can now be saved.  

Give your car the factory aggressive look it deserves and eliminate the unnecessary use of chrome! 

White Walls

We supply and install genuine TredWear White Walls. The walls are applied with a high adhesive bond to the outside of your tyre. 

The walls will be PERMANENT and will stay white and bright for the life of your tyre. You will never have to struggle with tyre paint pens or markers again!

Available in size 0.5", 1.0" & 1.5" and the colours white, red, yellow, green, blue & orange!


Tyre Letters

Using our individual raised lettering system allows you to create your very own tyre letter kit to add a personal touch to your vehicle. We supply and install only the best, TredWear Real Raised Rubber tyre letters. Applied with a high bond adhesive these letters will be PERMANENT. Easy to keep clean and will last the life of your tyre!

Available in sizes 0.5", 0.75", & 1.0" in colours white, yellow, red and blue. 

Whether it be your number plate, business or nick name, we have you covered!

Window Banners & Lens Tint

Protect your eyes from the sun glare with a front of rear window banner in your choice of colour. Subtle modifications can make the biggest difference sometimes. 

We also specialize in whole or partial headlight and taillight lens tinting. 

For protection against the sun's harsh UV rays, stone chips and road debris or for your own personal customization needs. Give your headlight or taillight lenses a subtle tinted look while retaining great light output.